Links to articles by Lily Horseman of Kindling

There is lots more information on Kindling's website:

"A School in the Forest" for

The UK 'go outside revolution' for Let's Go Outside Revolution

Online training webinar about Forest School for Kaboom.

Dynamic Risk Assessment- or shall we use our common sense? Outdoor Play and Learning

The Theory of Loose parts -or we get to play on the beach: Outdoor Play and Learning

'I climbed right up to here’ or Risk and Challenge in a Forest School: Forest School Articles

Whole brain, whole body, or rolling down the hills with Frank: Outdoor Play and Learning

'Tools and children or please will you look after this stick': Forest School articles

Child-led learning or how it feels not to be in charge: Outdoor Play and Learning

Maslow’s hierarchy of need or why, in winter, we always have hot chocolate: Forest School articles

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