Monday, 31 January 2011

A woodland poem: Reviewing and reflecting

Reviewing and reflecting is a really important part of what I do as a practitioner. It is also what I encourage  children and other practitioners to do so they can see their own learning and acknowledge each others achievements.

Sometimes really wonderful things come up. 
I would like to share with you this poem, written last week by four participants on a Level 3 Forest School training course. They wrote this as a review of the previous day's learning:

Our woodland 

You are the canopy of freindship
You nourish and provide
You are the root of enjoyment
You could lead and you can guide

You are the shelter and giver of warmth:
Flame kindler
Social sharer
Leaf rustler

You are the weaver of skills:
Tool talker
Tool maker
You fuel the imagination
Our woodland

If you are inspired by woodlands and haven't yet heard about the plans to sell the UK's publicly owned woodlands then do go over to and find out more information. There is a petition against the sale of the woodlands here:

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  1. Beautiful poem. Thanks for getting the word out on this pressing concern. May you inspire more to join this petition.

    Forest School Training Sussex


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